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Quantum Sensors

A quantum sensor is a measuring instrument that exploits the laws of quantum mechanics and provides the measurement of physical quantities directly from values of fundamental constants of quantum physics.

Such a sensor is therefore inherently accurate and stable, both being essential properties for many applications. These sensors are also very sensitive, i.e., they can resolve small signal variations in magnetic, electric, as well as pressure and temperature fields.

Kwan-Tek quantum sensors

KWAN-TEK develops quantum sensors for the microscopic world, and thus generalises metrology: “for all people, for all times, for all scales“.
For this, we are developing sensor technology that exploits elementary defects in the diamond structure, which behave in a similar way to the atoms involved in an atomic clock.

We exploit these defects to conduct highly sensitive and accurate measurements of magnetic fields, revealing valuable and crucial information for many industrial and biomedical applications.