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Non Destructive Testing NDT

The NV technology

KWAN-TEK develops a range of fibre-based magnetometers to detect defects in metals. Based on quantum diamonds, our sensors offer an outstanding combination of resolution and sensitivity. This new non-destructive evaluation method can complement or improve existing techniques, such as magnetoscopy or Eddy-current testing, by providing a digital and accurate measurement.

Not only is diamond accurate, but it is also very robust. This makes it a perfect candidate for demanding non-destructive testing in harsh environments, like detection of corrosion.

Example of detection of pitting in steel

Main Advantages


Our quantum sensors combine an excellent sensitivity with extremely high resolution, for detecting small cracks or pits


Direct vectorial and quantitative measurement, unaffected by thermal changes


Diamond sensors work at high and low temperatures, and even under pressure


The same sensor can be interrogated with many protocols to tailor the detection to the defect, from digital magnetoscopy to Eddy current sensing


Easy integration due to the small size of the sensor


With the high sensitivity and quantitative measurements, defects can be detected even under paint and coatings

— Application fields :
Low Field NV Magnetometer

The Low Field NV Magnetometer

The NV Magnetometer consists of a fibre optic point magnetometer, of milimetre size for easy integration, and a control unit.

The magnetic field measurement is performed by optical detection of the electron spin resonance of the nitrogen gap centre (NV). To do this, the diamond is illuminated with a green laser, and the photoluminescence of the diamond NV centres under microwave (MW) excitation is collected and analysed.

This allows a direct vector measurement of the magnetic field in the sensor reference frame.

As the magnetic field measurement is very fast, the Kwan-tek NV magnetometers can be used in an eddy current detection scheme as well as to locate static leakage fields of a defect in a material.

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Magnetic field dynamics

0 to 1 mT


3 nT / √Hz


DC to 300 Hz

Sensors dimensions


Distance between sensor and control unit

5 m*

Best performance

20 °C +/- 5 °C

Voltage / frequency (mains)

230V / 50Hz

Power consumption

< 20W

Operating temperature

20°C +/- 5°C*

Max. storage temperature

< 20W

*customizable on request

— Application fields :