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Quantum Sensing & Metrology


Metrology is the science of measurement. It defines the units of measurement, realises them, maintains their integrity, disseminates them and regularly leads to improvements in the international system of units. National metrology bodies serve as reference points for the calibration of measuring instruments used in each country.A good unit of

Magnetic field and magnetometry

The magnetic field is an invisible field that describes the action of a magnetic element on its environment. There are several ways of defining it, and the following one is the one that we chose according to the context in which we use it. Observed since antiquity, the physical phenomena

Quantum Sensors

A quantum sensor is a measuring instrument that exploits the laws of quantum mechanics and provides the measurement of physical quantities directly from values of fundamental constants of quantum physics. Such a sensor is therefore inherently accurate and stable, both being essential properties for many applications. These sensors are also

NV Center Diamonds

Quantum properties of NV diamonds NV center diamonds and their production Quantum properties of NV diamonds Optical properties of the NV centre The first observations of NV centres date back some 50 years [1] and its isolation on an individual scale was not achieved until the 90s. It was first