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Quantum Physics Education

Practical work in quantum engineering

A wide range of experiments

KWANTEACH is a kit for practical courses in quantum physics designed to enhance students training in quantum technologies.

Through KWANTEACH, students delve into basics quantum physics concepts and principles of quantum bit manipulation, focusing on the NV (Nitrogen Vacancy) diamond centres.

Our versatile experimental education platform, which requires neither vaccum nor cryogenics, guarantees remarkable flexibility. This hands-on approach provides a large teaching scope (from undergraduated studies to PhD projects) and enriches the theoretical fundations provided in the curriculums, fostering a comprehensive understanding of quantum technologies.

Experimental platform for training in quantum physics & engineering

Main Advantages

Simple experimental implementation

No vacuum, no cryogenics, basic optics and optomechanics elements.

Flexibility and manipulation

Hands-on setup allowing to switch easily from base to pulsed setup.

Practical approach

Allowing to train students in optics good practices and illustrate quantum physics concepts experimentally.

From Bachelor to PhD level

From basic optics skills to spin echo experiments.

Teacher book provided

More than 15 experiments including detailed protocols, measurements and theoretical introduction.

KWANTEACH customers


Base Module

A simple set-up allowing for continuous experiments highlighting basic concepts of quantum physics and engineering

— includes

Base Module

+ Pulsed

KWANTEACH pulsed module comes as an extension of the base module. It is designed specifically to realize pulsed experiments aiming to introduce spin coherence times and Qbit manipulation.

— includes

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Measurement examples

— Application fields :

Hyperfine levels

Rabi oscillations
between two fine levels